Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The opening day of The Hope Clinic of Fond arabie

  • Today, July 1st 2014, the clinic opened! It was exciting to be here and be able to experience the 1st day. They were going to see up to 30 people today, only 1 person had to be turned away because they didn't have enough money. It all seemed to run smoothly.                                                                             

the clinic staff

                                                                                                  Sergine    the nurse

the 1st patient 

the 1st patient's clinic card

A patient being weighed in, blood pressure & temp taken

A consultation 

Another consultation by Jean (shes here to help for a month)

Sara counting out meds

Polene counting out meds

Getting the meds ready for a patient 

after being checked in they would wait here for the next available nurse