Thursday, October 8, 2015

Our Time In The States

September 4th - October 5th we were back in the states on furlow. It was a wonderful break!
We were in Indiana visiting my family from Sept 4th - 19th. We had a enjoyable time with family and friends.

 We went to the Dixie Boat one evening and got to see a beautiful sunset!
 Beautiful roses Ryan got for me! :)
 The new Mr. & Mrs. Beery!
It was wonderful to be able to attend their wedding.
 Mini golf!

The Horst Family!

Sept 19th we flew to South Carolina to visit Ryan's family. We had a enjoyable time there as well!
 We went to Savannah with Gwynndon and his girlfriend Nelli one day. We went on a Dolphin Tour! They said we seen more dolphins that time then they had in the last week combined!! It was a lot of fun!

 The sign on the boat was kinda funny!!
It was suppose to say "stand at your own risk"
 Ryan replaced the singles on the roof of his parents garage.

He also built 2 picnic tables and set pools for a new shed. (I dont have pictures of what he did in Indiana. He helped dad there almost everyday.)

 One weekend Ryan & I went camping. It was dreary all weekend long. On Sat some friends & some of his sibling came up and we went out on a pontoon! It was fun!

Ready to head out for our last american date for awhile!
 The Skrivseth brothers
 The Skrivseth family, plus one out-law! ;)

Yall have a blessed weekend

Prayer requests:

* For us, as we re-adjust into life here
* For the elections, Oct 25th is suppose to be the presidential election, & peace over that time.
* A replacement for clinic administrators