Friday, January 9, 2015

Visitors from Home

 We were very happy to have Starla, Lindsey, & Landon here from Dec 31-Jan 8!!!
It was so good to have people from "home" here!!!
We had a very enjoyable time!!!

Singing in church Sunday morning with the people from the Gros Mapou Church 
 After church

 Starla & Audly

 Lindsey & Erlens

Katiana & I
 Landon interacting with the children

 The children enjoying our swing
 talking to a lady that comes to church
people getting water at the spring   

 A fried pig   Hungry any one??? 
 The beach we hiked to

 Starla & Lindsey

 Us girls on the hike back up!!

 assembly line for pouring concrete for the new church

 Our method of transportation

 Landon being.....well himself!!

 Since we were going to be taking them to the airport on my birthday, the girls make supper for me on my birthday eve :) they also surprised me with a cake!! It was very sweet of them!!

 We took them to the look out before they flew out!!

Lindsey & Landon   
My wonderful husband & I

 Y'all have a blessed weekend!!