Monday, May 11, 2015

A Relaxing Weekend

This past weekend all of us from CWM relaxed at Villa Ormiso as a farewell for Anita. 
She is leaving June 1st, and will be missed, especially in the clinic. We were going to take a picture of the wonderful pool at Ormiso but we forgot. 

Saturday we went to Saut d'eau waterfall.  The drive to get there was beautiful.

 We were able to climb back in and see the 2nd waterfall!!

This water fall is a sacred place for Vodou & Catholic worshipers.

Every year, thousands flock to Saut d’Eau Waterfalls on a religious pilgrimage to bath in the waters, asking for favors and praying for healing from the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel.
Located near Mirebalais and 60 miles north of Port au Prince, the falls became a holy place after it became widely believed that the Virgin Mary had appeared nearby on a palm tree. The palm tree was chopped down by a French priest who was rightly concerned that the cultural significance of the tree would foster a large amount of superstition, but the action was futile, and the area itself became sacred, despite his efforts.
For over a century, Haitians have trekked in from miles around, even more so since the catastrophic 2010 earthquake, to ask the Virgin Mary (or the closely associated Vodou Lwa, Erzulie Dantor) for her blessings. The sick and the needy let the water of the falls wash over them as they perform various rituals of both Voodoo and Catholicism in a religious festival that lasts for three days.  
Excerpted from
While we were there, it seemed like there was some vodou stuff going on. So before we left we prayed and sang. It was wonderful that even though the place can be used for such evil we could sing and pray to the one true God.

Sunday we went to C.A.M. for church. It was a blessing to hear a English service again!

Have a blessed week.

P.S. We have not had any rain since we got back from the states. We are very dry. The spring is coming slow again. If yall could continue to pray for rain that be great.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Deck

Well, its finally later. Here is a couple more pics of the deck.
We thought there was more pics then this, but alas, we have no more.

 The finished product with the siding on.
Looks good, if i do say so myself.

Hope yall have a wonderful week