Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The group from Georgia

Feb 14 - Feb 23 we had a group of  15 here from Montezuma GA.

The guys tour some walls down at Milord's school that were ruined in the big earthquake!

The new wall

The girls painted 8 rooms at the Gros Mapou school. They had to sand the walls before they painted the walls. They used almost 8 5gal buckets of paint.

In the mean time, Ryan got the nursery up and running!!

The guys also tore the end gable out of the house. It was all stone and cement!

They replaced the rock with wood & tin!

Doing laundry! Something that got done everyday so there wasent a huge load on the days it got done! There was still plenty of laundry every day!!

This is were all 5 guys slept!!

We had a wonderful time & they got a lot of work done! :) 

Yall have a blessed week!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Church Project

Well Im finally getting around to posting pics of the Church.

Squaring up for the foundation

Digging the foundation
making sure its square

 Making the blocks

working hard....or hardly working??

 The 1st group of German Baptist that came to build, i didn't get a picture of the 2nd group

 Its not totally finished, Haitian bosses are plastering the walls. After the fine details are worked out and we have a dedication service we will be able to worship here.

Ya'll have a blessed weekend!