Thursday, June 25, 2015

Don't Count Your Chicks Before Their Hatched

We've inherited chicks!! :) Friends of ours had eggs in a incubator and they were going to hatch while they were in the states. They were going to throw them out, but we saved their lives! :) 

One of them starting to hatch
 The fuzzy yellow one was one of the first to hatch, he ran around pecking on all the other eggs! He got the "naughty" title.

There were 23 eggs, and 12 hatched. 

Arent they so cute though?? 

Prayer Requests:

The mission board is trying to find a couple to takes Joe & Sara's place at the clinic. Join us in prayer that this need could be fulfilled. 

Praise God, we have been getting a good amount of rain. The clinic and Milords (our pastor) have not been getting much. Continue to pray that it rains especially at the clinic and Milords.

Pray that we as a mission could continue to be a light in the community here.

I hope yall have a wonderful week

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting fish, NICU, & spending time with friends

 We were able to get fish!!!  Since its been raining, the water started  coming to the house again!
We got 50 to begin with, to make sure they would make it up the mountain alive. So far none have died!! :) 
So hopefully we will be able to soon get more. 

We plan to use to fish manure water to water the plans in the nursery. 

I was able to spend May 27-June 2nd in Indiana. 
I went to spend some time with a friend that has 
a baby in the NICU.

Meet Aubree Faith Newswanger. She weighed 1 lb 13oz at birth, April 24th.
Her twin sister Alexis Hope was 1 lb 5 oz.  She lived through
the night before going to be with Jesus.

Isnt she just the cutest?? She weighs 3lbs now!!
Emma,  her wonderful mother, and I.
It was so good to see her again. It had been a year!

One of Aubree's nurses. 
She has good days as well as bad. If yall think about it she could use prayer. 

I flew back June 2nd, Landon Martin came with me. He will be helping out at our mission.

It was wonderful to see my husband again!! :) 

I hope yall have a blessed week!