Thursday, August 27, 2015

And Then The Board Members Came to Check Up On Us!! :)

Lavon Yoder, Ralph Hartman & Roman Hosteler came down Aug 22nd-25th, for a meeting in country. We had a good time with them and they also got some work done. They started to make benches for the new church

The most wonderful man welding! ;)

Lavon sharping bits
 Ralph & Roman varnishing

Ryan & our neighbor girl Lydia
 Me & Lydia
 The moon tonight!!
The centipede I found in our house tonight! :( It was dead!! I think the insecticide worked! :)
Ryan walked into the garage tonight and was greeted to this!! :(  He is still alive, but i told Ryan that if i meet him he is dead meat!!!!  (I guess they eat mosquitoes or something like that)

Prayer Requests:

* Tropical Storm Erika is planning to show her face here tomorrow afternoon sometime.  There is suppose to be minimal wind and lots of rain! Pray for safety through that.

* A replacement for the clinic administrators 

         Yall have a wonderful evening 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Two Years Together!

Yesterday marked 2 years since we said "I do"!! With God's help we have been blessed with 2 wonderful years, and hopefully many more!!  We celebrated by going to some places we had never been before. We drove west to Port Salut, and had lunch on the beach!

Our yummy food!!!
 I had chicken and Ryan had fish.

We drove further west, and came to the town of Coteaux. There we went to "500 Marche".  Its 500 steps leading up to a Catholic shrine. The view was beautiful! 

The shrine at the top
looking down

On the way back we stop at a botanical gardens.
It was beautiful!!

The beautiful sunset on the way back home.
We did lots of driving, but it was fun just to be together and see new places!!

Yall have a blessed week serving our King!