Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weddings, Seeing Friends from the States, Learing about trees, ect

  Last Saturday we were privileged to be able to attend a wedding. It was the first Haitian wedding we were at. The service was sopose to start at 2. So we got there by 2 and there was people still running around preparing things. They soon started music in the church so we went and sat down. A lot of the songs they were playing were in English! There were lots of fresh flowers, it was beautiful!! Around 3 the wedding started. They spoke in French so we couldn't understand a thing :( Finally about half way through the one man that was talking said that the Americans cant understand the french so he switched to Croele, so then we could kinda understand what was going on! I was impressed how the one man that spoke emphasized that divorce is not for the christian!! It felt like it service went on and on. It ended at 5:30!    We then were served a wonderful meal of rice & beans, fried banan, & macaroni salad or red beat salad. The bridal table was pretty with lots of flowers, food, and cake. Since we had 2 hours home and it was already dark, we didnt stay to watch the bride & groom cut the cake. The couple was very happy & we/I were glad we could attend. (Going to weddings is not Ryans favorite past time:)

 (Sorry for the bad quality:( )

Two weekend ago we had the pleasure of hanging out with some people from South Carolina. They were down to visit a orphanage about 1.5 hours from our place. So we went and spent Saturday morning with them and then brought them up to our place for a couple hours in the evening. We also went back down Sunday afternoon & evening. They did a craft with the young people and then had a church service. They sang for awhile, in English! It was wonderful to listen that them!

 Them with the children from the orphanage!

We also are starting a "program" with the 5th graders, that go the Milords schools. The 1st time they come, to the nursery, they will be taught the importance of trees & how compost is made, they then will put compost in sacks. The 2nd time they will bring either 3 seeds or small trees to plant, they will continue to be taught about trees. The 3rd time they come they will, be taught more about trees again, and be able to take their, now bigger trees, home to plant. They will get graded on their participation.

learning about trees
 Learning about compost
 putting compost in sacks

 We have not had childrens Bible study the last time because of the wedding. We had children asking if we are going to have it! Its good to see them excited and wanting to come.

Prayer requests:

* Elections coming up & peace over that time
* Praise the Lord for replacement for Joes & pray for a smooth change over 
* Wisdom for the board as they look for someone to replace us
* That we could be lights to the people we are around
* The childrens Bible study

Thursday, November 19, 2015


October 24th - November 17th Justin & Abby Troyer and family were here to visit. They also brought along his sister Janessa. They served here for 2 years before we came down. We had a wonderful time with them here

The guys worked on the benches most of the time.

Justin welded 102 of these bench legs!

 Janessa helped them out and painted alot of the legs.

Landen grinding the legs

 Two heads are better then one??!

One day all of us went up to the new church and worked at sanding, varnishing, & painting the benches.

November 7th everyone from CWM went over to Jacmel, and went to see Bassin Bleu. Its a water falls that you need to hike in to see. Then when you get to it you need to wade in chest deep water to go see the falls.

We were treated to supper at Royal Oasis. The food was amazing! :)

We also went to Sugar Rush and got some icecream!! :)

In other news, the children's Bible study was started last Saturday. It went really well. There was around 30 children that came! Continue to pray for the teachers and the children, that we can be a light to them and teach them to become strong christian young people.

Prayer Requests:

* Presidential election is Dec 27th.  (they had the 1st election October 24th, with around 50 canidates. No one took a majority vote so now its down to 5 canidates.) Continue to pray for peace in country.

* A replacement for Joes at the clinic

* We would like to return to the states in June, when our term is over, yall could pray that the board would be able to find a replacement for us.

* Pray for us, that we would be a light to the people down here.

Yall have a blessed day

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Our Time In The States

September 4th - October 5th we were back in the states on furlow. It was a wonderful break!
We were in Indiana visiting my family from Sept 4th - 19th. We had a enjoyable time with family and friends.

 We went to the Dixie Boat one evening and got to see a beautiful sunset!
 Beautiful roses Ryan got for me! :)
 The new Mr. & Mrs. Beery!
It was wonderful to be able to attend their wedding.
 Mini golf!

The Horst Family!

Sept 19th we flew to South Carolina to visit Ryan's family. We had a enjoyable time there as well!
 We went to Savannah with Gwynndon and his girlfriend Nelli one day. We went on a Dolphin Tour! They said we seen more dolphins that time then they had in the last week combined!! It was a lot of fun!

 The sign on the boat was kinda funny!!
It was suppose to say "stand at your own risk"
 Ryan replaced the singles on the roof of his parents garage.

He also built 2 picnic tables and set pools for a new shed. (I dont have pictures of what he did in Indiana. He helped dad there almost everyday.)

 One weekend Ryan & I went camping. It was dreary all weekend long. On Sat some friends & some of his sibling came up and we went out on a pontoon! It was fun!

Ready to head out for our last american date for awhile!
 The Skrivseth brothers
 The Skrivseth family, plus one out-law! ;)

Yall have a blessed weekend

Prayer requests:

* For us, as we re-adjust into life here
* For the elections, Oct 25th is suppose to be the presidential election, & peace over that time.
* A replacement for clinic administrators