Saturday, July 25, 2015

Visitors :)

Andrea and Maurita (Ryan's sisters) were here from July 14th - 22nd. We had a very enjoyable time.

 We cleaned a lot! I think they probily got tired of cleaning!!
At least she is still smiling, or maybe thats just for the camera!

A little sick of cleaning eh?! :)

Maurita made us some delicious cookies!! :)


Ryan & Rita didnt want a picture taken together! :) 

Rita & Katiana

At the look out over looking Port-au-Prince

A beautiful end to the day

The chicks are getting big!! Ryan built then a nice cage!

Prayer Requests:
*Elections are coming up. Aug 9th is elections for two thirds of the senate and all members of the chamber of deputies. Oct 25th is the presidential election. Pray for peace throughout the country during this time.
*Replacement for Joe & Sara
*The people and the work here

Yall have a blessed weekend