Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our First Group

The group that was here from Nov 12th - 19th.
L to R: Jason Hostetler, Ross Mullet, Laina Martin, Jalisa Martin, & Derek Burkholder

The guys worked at the church project alot and also odds and ends that Ryan had in the garage.
 The girls cleaned at the clinic and here as well. They also did laundry one day which took almost all day!!
We had alot of fun and enjoyed their help!!!!

Digging the trench


 Making sure its square

 Filling in the trenches with rock & cement

 making cement blocks

 The groups transportation to the next mission!!! :)

 Our neighbor girl!

God bless ya'll!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Life in the Mountains

 Ryan's brother Gwynndon has been here for the past week and a half. We have been enjoying the added social life. We went out for supper with Dan and Ruthie Schrock from C.A.M., and got to watch the sunset as well as take photos. We went to the croix-des-bouquets market and were able to do fabric shopping!!! :) On the way out of the market we got caught in a mob, to many people, motos, & trucks at the same place trying to get through. We were shoulder to shoulder with no room so spare. There was a lot of pushing and shoving. Some guys got mad, that definitely didnt help the situation. We were able to get out ok!!   The guys got nursery project started. They also measured out for the new church.  We were able to go relax at the beach as well!! :)

 The guys working at building the nursery.

Measuring for the new church. The rock had to be moved!!


 Beautiful scenery on the way to the dump

 The road on the way to the clinic

 The clinic

Corn hung up in the palm tree so rats dont get it!

  Milord's church & school

Ya'll have a blessed week!!