Tuesday, December 16, 2014

visitors, house gable getting taken out, tree trimming & more

 Our visitors the last 2 weeks:
Delmar & Nancy Rutt
Ashley & Dayna Hurst
We had a lot of fun and a lot of work got done!!

 Nancy bandaging someone in the clinic

 Vaccination Day at the Clinic!
A baby getting weighed

A baby getting a shot
 Tairing out the gable

working on the nursery

and the spectators.....should have sold tickets :)
 Cutting the trees down

 cutting down the old mango trees, to replace with new ones

 It kinda made a mess

 The "blan" even took a turn :)

 The fall of it was great

our front yard at the moment
 Market on a Saturday morning. Think you can get a truck through there?

 Market parking lot! 

 Sight seeing

A beautiful end to a day

Ya'll have a wonderful week & a Merry Christmas!!