Friday, April 24, 2015

Our trip to the states!!

            We were able to enjoy a trip to the states April 1st - 21st!
We started out in South Carolina for a long weekend.
Ryan surprised me with a wonderful romantic supper!! :) 
He blind folded me and drove me there.

He grilled chicken
The wonderful meal consisted of: grilled chicken, potatoes salad,
zipper peas, 7 layer salad, and wonderful desert that had cake pieces,
pudding, Reese cups, & whipped topping!! It was all
very good! Most of the food was compliments to his mom!!
the beautiful flowers he got me!! :) 
On sat we went to the zoo with Ryan's family
This is in the gardens


Some of the animals we seen

On Mon April 6th we flew to Bonners Ferry Idaho.

One afternoon
his Aunt and Uncle, Norv and Sharon took us to a ghost town called Boulder City. Back in the day, 
700 people called this area home.
One of the old, falling apart houses.
There was a old cemetery there!!
A old mine shaft

Our "tour guides" :) 

 Ryan added a deck to Norv's house.
More pics of this coming later.
I was able to help out at Sharon's Country Store for a couple days. I really enjoyed that!!

The view from the look out we went to one evening!!
We got to see a train go through this cool tunnel.

Thur, April 16th we headed over to Fair field Montana. We got to enjoy this beautiful sunset!

We also got to help brand calves!! :) 
 The fire that kept the brands hot

The new Mr. & Mrs. Halteman!
It was wonderful to be able to attend their wedding!

 the bride & I 

 Sunday evening we were able to spend a night at the hot spring in Paradise Montana. It was a wonderful relaxing evening!! :) Monday we drove back over to Idaho.   

Some pics of Idaho's beauty.

Monday evening we had a campfire with all the family before we left!

It was wonderful to be back! We enjoyed every minute of it!  We flew out at 7:30 p.m. Tue and arrived back to Haiti at 2:00 p.m. Wed. 

Yall have a blessed weekend!