Thursday, November 19, 2015


October 24th - November 17th Justin & Abby Troyer and family were here to visit. They also brought along his sister Janessa. They served here for 2 years before we came down. We had a wonderful time with them here

The guys worked on the benches most of the time.

Justin welded 102 of these bench legs!

 Janessa helped them out and painted alot of the legs.

Landen grinding the legs

 Two heads are better then one??!

One day all of us went up to the new church and worked at sanding, varnishing, & painting the benches.

November 7th everyone from CWM went over to Jacmel, and went to see Bassin Bleu. Its a water falls that you need to hike in to see. Then when you get to it you need to wade in chest deep water to go see the falls.

We were treated to supper at Royal Oasis. The food was amazing! :)

We also went to Sugar Rush and got some icecream!! :)

In other news, the children's Bible study was started last Saturday. It went really well. There was around 30 children that came! Continue to pray for the teachers and the children, that we can be a light to them and teach them to become strong christian young people.

Prayer Requests:

* Presidential election is Dec 27th.  (they had the 1st election October 24th, with around 50 canidates. No one took a majority vote so now its down to 5 canidates.) Continue to pray for peace in country.

* A replacement for Joes at the clinic

* We would like to return to the states in June, when our term is over, yall could pray that the board would be able to find a replacement for us.

* Pray for us, that we would be a light to the people down here.

Yall have a blessed day

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