Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Church, Seminar, Ordination & a Helicopter Comes to the Clinic

Jan 29th was our 1st service in the new church!! It felt so big! We praise God for giving us this church. 

Pastor Milord

Every one that was there the 1st sunday

Feb 1st- 7th was Seminar. It was a busy week. I was glad my sister Julissa came and helped out.
Sanford Yoder from Ohio was the one pastor
It was Rochemy's 1st time to translate. Pray for him as he continues to learn English.
 Dan Smucker from Indiana was the other

Sunday, Feb 7th the church here ordained 2 deacons. There was 3 in the lot. The men chosen were George & Grevil.

 The ordination

In other news:  Yesterday we had a helicopter come out to our clinic! We now are able to call this helicopter in a emergency and they come out and take the sick person to a hospital!!  Since our closest hospital is 1.5 hrs away, and is less then desirable, this will be wonderful!!

They are able land right outside the clinic which is a blessing!

 The guy on the left is the Doctor the one in the middle is a journalist from Puerto Rico (he is in Haiti and was able to come along with the guys) and the one on the right is the pilot.

Prayer requests:

*Joe & Sara Martin are leaving March 2nd. Their replacements Denny & Lora Musser come in Feb 22nd. Pray for a smooth change over & and both families as they settle into new lives.

*Replacement for us

*Pray for the newly ordained deacons & their families

*The youth of Haiti, that they can become strong Christians. And for the young men that they will be the leaders they should be.

*Milord, he is a busy man. He has 2 churches, 2 schools, he preaches on the radio once a week & lots more. 

*for the CWM staff, pray we could be lights to these people. For wisdom for every decision we need to make.

Yall have a blessed weekend

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