Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Ryan and I felt God was leading us back to the states, but there was no one to replace us. So for awhile we were very confused as to what God was trying to do/ teach us. Ryan was trying to work towards giving some of his responsibilities over to the hatiens. We were feeling very unsure about leaving here without replacements! We had tickets to move back, but yet it still felt strange leaving. We had been praying for replacements for quite some time!

We are very overjoyed to announce that the Lord has supplied and we have replacements!!  :) Andy & Bev Faller will be joining CWM on May 7th! They have lived down in Haiti for a year working with another mission. Their year commitment is up and they feel like God is directing them here. We are very happy for the way God has supplied! It feels like nothing short of a miracle with how everything fell into place! 

To us it feels like God wanted us to be ok with moving to the states, getting tickets and working in that direction, before He would show us His plan. Trusting God when you dont know what His plan is, is not easy. It feels like we need to "help" God or He had forgotten about us. He hasn't!!! His timing is always perfect!!

Pray for Andy's as they move up here and learn the responsibilities here. Also pray for us as we pack up and move back.

God is good, even when we cant see His plan!!!

God bless your day,
Ryan and Kendra Skrivseth

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